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Something is deeply wrong. [15 Oct 2012|10:16pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

This night, I ache.

sticks and stones

[22 Sep 2012|01:48pm]
Have you ever missed something so much that the absence thereof, in and of itself, was almost a physical manifestation ? I have lived some, loved deeply, found and lost. And miss. Oh, how I remember and miss; and forget the fights-- physical, verbal, emotional-- forget the games, the cheating, the words; and remember only the feelings-- physical, emotional. Dependency, perhaps. A desperate want for what I know as I'm surrounded by nothing that I do know. Being completely exhausted by the mere thought of trying to get to know new people. This daunting task of growing up, when I should have arrived years ago.
sticks and stones

Edited from "Stupid Kiss," © Teresa Krzywicki. [31 May 2007|07:24pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

The simple sight of the wind in his hair
The pure sound of his voice that echoes in my head
Feeling his arm against my skin
The feel of his breath, barely breezing by in a sigh
His eyes serve as a window- yes, I can see his soul... see his thoughts, and understand them. Knowing now his darkest sin, seeing his memories and feeling his every sense, I look deeper
Search for a sign; something to call me, inviting me in.
I see pain in his heart. It is very strong within.
Yes, I can see clearly now. His heart is aching. He feels a deep need-
A need, perhaps, for love. A soulmate and a friend. He, no doubt, wants a kindred spirit. One with whom to share everything that is him. Yes. Of course, what he desires is love; and that which I desire is everything that is him.

I see myself reaching and taking his pain, swallowing it down inside of me, making his hurt no more... filling him with love.

I touch that hair... feel that breath... melt in the feel of that skin against my own... touch his lips... Pour out my soul and hand him my heart in exchange for him. We seem like two halves of one soul- this connection unbreakable as the pain dissolves the way of fresh dew in the renewing warmth of the morning sun. The love arises like the moon. Yes, this is my plan. Now watch it unfold.

I open my eyes, and he is watching me with eyes that enter my soul like spirits. Traces of happiness dawn on his lips... his face lights up like the glorious daystar... his eyes peer on like the orbs of night. Slowly, I stand and slowly step, the smile of my cherub only intensifying. I feel my heart bound inside my chest, and know that his, as well, is repelling gravity. Tremendous attraction.

I glance at my seraph, and search his facade. The ecstasy still shone, and he still looked on, but that majestic lunar stare was focused on a place just past me, and showing no signs of retiring. Slowly, I move my glimpse... unwillingly, I turn my head, and my eyes see, then, something that begins to tear me up inside:

Another being, walking so as to show that, without a doubt, we shared the same destination. The smile on this animal and delight in its step showed a closeness with my cherub that did not dream to be contested.

As those windows to the other half of my soul burn into my own, I wince and look away. I turn to leave, my thoughts and soft "You can't have us both," blocking out my angel's words that echo behind me:

"I really do love you... if I truly lost you, I would be nothing... I don't want to hurt you... losing you would kill me..."

sticks and stones

[30 Aug 2006|10:15pm]
[ mood | creative ]

i'm beginning to write songs, and i need some way to get all of the sounds to my computer, in the interest of combining them into something cohesive.

does anyone have a mic or something they'd like to donate to the cause ?

sticks and stones

New Things [in a run-on sentence] [21 Aug 2006|10:05pm]
[ mood | . ]

sarah's kitchen is newly sexy. she worked on it with her mom, since

sarah no longer works at spencer's in columbia. this means that

sarah is now casually perusing other jobs. but until then,

fuck having parties at places fallon has available- franklin and neil have their own pad now.

also, if you have called me in the past couple weeks, and i didn't answer my fone, or wasn't able to chill- i was probably either at work, or already doing something.

furthermore ...prison break is the most awesome, and you should watch it, because scofield is b e a u t i f u l.


sticks and stones

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